It’s More Than Just Moroccan Food

It’s More Than Just Moroccan Food

Cuisine at Marrakech is the beautiful lovechild of Moroccan, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisine. The resulting fusion of culinary cousins allows diners to consume the best flavors and techniques from multiple regions, enhanced in a uniquely nuanced way. Plus you get to eat with your hands (if you want) so the experience is extra authentic and fun.

Historically, Morocco traded with a multitude of surrounding regions, all of which contributed to Morocco’s vibrant culture today. Along with trade, the climate in Morocco provided ideal conditions for the cultivation of various fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices which allowed for zest and variety in the kitchen. Meals are always events in Morocco, consisting of several courses, fresh breads and luscious flavors.

At Marrakech, we have stayed true to our Moroccan roots but also integrate aspects of Mediterranean and Middle Eastern cuisines and cooking styles. Our shrimp scampi is one of our most popular dishes is a sensory example encompassing Moroccan-Mediterranean fusion. Shrimp is a common ingredient in the coastal towns bordering the Mediterranean and when sauteed in fragrant garlic, fresh lemon juice and white wine it’s mouth-wateringly delicious. The Royal Couscous Platter is a very traditional plate for special occasions and is loaded with authentic Moroccan flavors and techniques. Our team of chefs focus on delivering the best food you’ve ever tasted.

Our food coupled with our ambiance makes for the best and most unique dining experience in all of Las Vegas (we don’t mean to brag, we’re just proud of our restaurant). Bring your appetite and be prepared to have a great time eating great food…and as a plus, you get to eat with your hands (if you want) so the experience is extra authentic and fun.

We’re a family business, and we treat you with the same hospitality as if you are part of the family. We’re invested in your experience as a diner, and guarantee you’ll have a fabulous time at Marrakech. We are mature restaurateurs who know we must continue to provide a high level of quality and service to keep our loyal customers. We want  you to have the best and most fun restaurant experience in Las Vegas. At Marrakech, you’re guaranteed to enjoy tasty and fun entertainment. Take a moment and read some of the stellar reviews on Yelp and TripAdvisor.

Whether you’re a Vegas local or just visiting (we’re very close to the Strip), you can make a reservation here to try our special cuisine yourself.

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