Marrakech Restaurant Las Vegas a True Moroccan Dining Experience

Marrakech Restaurant Las Vegas a True Moroccan Dining Experience

Dining at Marrakech is an experience unlike any other in Las Vegas. From the moment you walk through the door, you are transported to Morocco. This immersion is magical; the interior has been transformed into an intimate and authentic Moroccan tent with deep red silks for a ceiling, intricate black and gold tapestries on the walls, beautifully crafted wood inlay tables, and colorful cushions on the couch seating. Our soft lighting creates a tranquil ambiance perfect for a feast. A true Las Vegas landmark, we’re the longest standing Moroccan restaurant in the city, catering to guests since 1979. The authenticity of the experience is unparalleled, truly the most unique restaurant in Las Vegas

Moroccan food is fantastically delicious and naturally healthy due to the Mediterranean ingredients and cooking techniques. At Marrakech we’ve been told we have some of the best food in town. Meals are extremely important in Moroccan culture which is why we treat our guests to a traditional Moroccan feast, complete with family style meals, and customary communal rose water hand-washing. Some of our favorite and popular dishes include lusciously marinated beef kabobs, velvety hummus, and Harira lentil soup. Our mouth-wateringly scrumptious shrimp scampi is perfectly paired with our soft traditional bread so you can sop up all the delicious lemon, wine and garlic sauce. Lastly, indulge in our perfectly balanced B’stilla dessert. It’s delightfully crisp, warm, gooey and sweet. We promise, you’ll leave feeling satisfied.

And if you are able to pull your attention away from our food, or you are in-between courses of our price fixe fare, enjoy our talented dancers as they undulate in tune with the Moroccan beat. Each dancer enhances the cultural adventure, your guides to this ride on the Marrakech Express.

Vegas is the hospitality capital of the world, and at Marrakech we take customer service to the next level. As a family-run and family fun restaurant, we want to welcome you into our home and make sure you’re happy with every aspect of your time at Marrakech–from making your reservation to leaving the restaurant. Our service has won accolades because we know what is necessary to be a great host to our guests. Visitors and celebrities from all over the world frequently remind us that we’re the most fun restaurant in Las Vegas.

We know, this all sounds too awesome to be true. So, don’t take our word for it, come check out our restaurant yourself. We’re open every night from 5:30-11pm. The belly dancers are waiting for you.

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